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CAFCE Accredited

Co-operative Education Programs at the University of Ottawa have met the national criteria and standards for quality delivery of co-operative education programs as approved by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE).

CO-OP PROGRAMS First Expected Work Term
Summer of 1st year Summer of second year Fall of third year Winter of third year Summer of third year

Faculty of Arts

Communication Yes   
Communication and Lettres Françaises Yes   
Communication and Political Science Yes   
Communication and Sociology Yes   
English Yes   
Environmental Studies Yes   
Geography Yes   
Geography and Environmental Studies Yes   
Geography and Sociology Yes   
History Yes   
History and Political Science Yes   
Lettres françaises Yes   
Translation    Yes

Faculty of Engineering

Biomedical Mechanical Engineering Yes   
Chemical Engineering Yes   
Civil Engineering Yes   
Mechanical Engineering Yes   

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Engineering Yes   
Computer Science Yes   
Computer Science and Mathematics-Science Yes   
Electrical Engineering Yes   
Software Engineering Yes   

Faculty of Law

Civil Law Yes   
Droit civil et développement international et mondialisation (offered in French only) Yes   

Faculty of Science

Biochemistry  YesYes 
Biology Yes Yes 
Biomedical Science   Yes 
Biopharmaceutical Science   Yes 
Biotechnology    Yes
Chemistry    Yes
Earth Sciences Yes   
Earth Sciences - Physics   Yes 
Environmental Science Yes   
Financial Mathematics and Economics Yes   
Mathematics Yes   
Mathematics and Economics Yes   
Mathematics-science and Computer Science Yes   
Physics   Yes 
Physics-Mathematics   Yes 
Statistics Yes   

Faculty of Social Sciences

Anthropology Yes   
Anthropology and Sociology Yes   
Conflict Studies and Human Rights Yes   
Droit civil et développement international et mondialisation (offered in French only)  Yes  
Economics Yes   
Economics and Mathematics Yes   
Economics and Political Science Yes   
Economics and Public Policy Yes   
International Development and Globalization Yes   
International Economics and Development Yes   
Political Science Yes   
Political Science and Communication Yes   
Political Science and History Yes   
Public Administration Yes   
Public Administration and Political Science Yes   
Sociology Yes   
Sociology and Communication Yes   
Sociology and Geography Yes   

Telfer School of Management

Accounting   Yes 
Commerce Yes   
Entrepreneurship Yes   
Finance Yes   
Human Resource Management Yes   
International Management Yes   
Management Yes   
Management Information Systems Yes   
Marketing Yes   

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Computer Science (MCS)Yes    
Economics (MA)Yes    
Globalization and International Development (MA)Yes    
History (MA)Yes    
Information Studies (MIS)Yes    
Public Administration (MA)Yes    
Public and International Affairs (MA)Yes    
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